Privacy Notice For Students

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Privacy Notice For Students

Welcome to Summit Learning (! As a student user of the Summit Learning platform, we want you to have a clear understanding of how your personal information is used, collected and protected. We provide the platform on behalf of your school through a contract that they’ve signed with us.

Who Are We?

Summit Learning is offered by a nonprofit organization called Gradient Learning. Our goal is to help all students feel encouraged and inspired, and to equip every student to lead a fulfilled life.

We take your privacy seriously. This Privacy Notice for Students helps to explain how we use the personal information we collect when you use the Summit Learning program and platform. You can learn about our practices in more detail, by reading the Privacy Policy.

What Is “Personal Information”?

Personal information is information about you that can identify who you are, for example, your name, your birthdate, and your email address. Personal information includes other information that we collect about you to help us provide you with the Summit Learning platform, for example, information about your computer or computer network.

It also includes educational information about you that can identify you, such as your scores, school work you create, and information about you that your teachers or mentors may provide.

Why Do We Collect Your Personal Information?

We have agreed to provide Summit Learning to your school and teachers for educational purposes. In order to provide the Summit Learning platform, we need to collect certain personal information.

How Do We Get It?

We get your personal information from different sources.

Information You or Your School Provide Us Directly. Your school or teachers provide us with information about you, for example, to set up your account, or to keep track of your progress. You also provide us with information, for example, when you complete coursework and take assessments.

Information We Collect When You Use the Summit Learning platform. We also collect certain information about the devices (such as your computer or phone) and networks you use to connect to the Summit Learning platform. We also collect information about how you use the platform, for example, the pages you view or links you click on the Summit Learning platform.

Information We Collect From Others. We may also get information, including personal information, from other organizations that we work with (“Third Parties”) who may provide us with course material (e.g. history or math lessons), or tests and assessments.

What Do We Use It For?

We use your personal information for educational purposes only as directed by your school and teachers to provide you a more personalized learning experience. You can find out more in this Summit Learning Help Center Article (“What data is collected and why is it needed?”).

We do not use your information to make money or to advertise to you.

Who Can See Your Information?

We only share your personal information for educational purposes only as directed by your school.

Your information may be shared:

  • within your school with those who need access (such as teachers or administrators);
  • with your your parent, legal guardian, or other caregiver;
  • with Third Parties we use to support operating the services, for example, by hosting data on servers; or
  • with other third parties if required by law or directed by your school.

You can learn more about the Third Parties that we use in our Help Center article on Third-Party Service Providers.

How Long Do We Keep Your Information?

We only keep it as long as we need it. We will remove information that identifies you if your school leaves Summit Learning or asks us to delete it. We may keep this information if we have consent from your parent/caregiver, or if we’re required to keep it.

What Do I Need To Do?

Nothing. We work with your school to make sure we get the information that we need for educational purposes. Sometimes we need permission from your parents or school, and they can say no. We tell them even more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy.

What Are My Rights?

When it comes to your information, you have the right to know what information we have about you, to correct anything that’s wrong, and more. Your parents/caregivers and school can help protect your rights.

How Can I Find Out More?

Ask your teacher or parent/caregiver if you have any questions and they can help you find the answers.