What is Summit Learning?

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What Happens in a Summit Learning School

We help schools prepare students with the skills, knowledge, and habits to lead fulfilled lives long after they graduate.

In Summit Learning classrooms, teachers deliver dynamic lessons to the whole class, small groups, or one-on-one. Recognizing that each child is unique, educators teach in ways that ensure each student gains knowledge and develops lifelong learning skills on the timeline and in the ways that they learn best.

  • Teaching Through Projects

    Students learn from teachers through whole group instruction, small group sessions, and one-on-one time. With hands-on projects and group learning, teachers show students how to apply lifelong skills — such as collaborating with a team, interpreting data and presenting persuasive arguments.

  • Fostering Lifelong Learning Habits

    When completing work independently, students access a range of additional helpful resources through the Summit Learning platform — it's like having a library at their fingertips. By studying in different ways, students gain a self awareness about how they learn best. Teachers guide students to build habits -- like curiosity, resilience, and a sense of purpose -- that help them thrive throughout their lives.

  • Mentoring Students

    In addition to classroom instruction, teachers also mentor students during dedicated weekly one-on-one meetings. With their mentors, students set long- and short-term goals, and discuss both their academic and emotional experiences while working toward these goals. Mentoring sessions build strong relationships between students and their mentors. Together, they celebrate successes, discuss reasons for roadblocks, and talk about areas of learning opportunity.

A Window Into the Classroom

Parents and families have unparalleled access to their child's progress at school. They can see everything from teacher feedback to assessments and grades on the Summit Learning online platform.

Parents and families are encouraged to actively support their children's learning. Staying connected with their child's teacher and mentor is a great place to start. With information about daily learning progress, parents can also talk with their children about short- and long-term learning goals, and help reinforce the importance of life skills.

What Teachers Say About Summit Learning

"I feel like Summit Learning has given me the capabilities to work with every kid that comes into my class, not just most of them. I really do get a chance to talk to every kid, every day."

      - Daniel Motta, Parkhill School District
        Kansas City, Missouri

"I have gotten to know my students on a deeper level, and as a result, have learned things about their lives that has better informed how I approach them as a whole human, not just a student. I have been a lot more aware of my students' mental health, as it relates to their success as a student."

      - Emily Morris, Pasadena Independent School District
        Houston, Texas

"Even after just one year, I noticed more students becoming more aware of how their own habits affect their learning."

      - Tammy Stephens
        Bear Lake High School

What Students Say About Summit Learning

"My experience in learning content has changed drastically since my school started using Summit Learning. I feel like I understand things better this year compared to last year… I have learned that I am naturally self-directed. I can do stuff without having someone guide me step-by-step on everything."

      - Ariel Faulkner, Chester County Junior High School
        Henderson, Tennessee

"With mentoring and Summit Learning at [my school], it's completely different. I'm excited to be in class… your teacher gets to know you personally, and your teacher is genuinely there for you."

      - Katelyn Good, On Track High School
        Spokane, WA

What Parents Say About Summit Learning

"As a teacher, Summit Learning has allowed me to help every student reach their full potential. As a mom, it has given my daughters the confidence and knowledge that they can succeed at anything."

      - Jami McLing, parent and teacher
        Rocky Mountain Middle School
        Idaho Falls, ID

"More than just becoming a stronger student, my son has learned to not give up. He's motivated to keep trying and to find ways to be successful. As a parent, I know how valuable these skills are going to be for him in high school, through college, and beyond. I'm watching my son learn how to be a lifetime learner, and I am thrilled."

      - Valerie Martin
        Royal Spring, KY

"Seeing that child, who was previously unmotivated and defeated, come alive right in front of me was the catalyst for my decision to be more than a Summit mom. I wanted to use my skills to support these students as they took charge of their education and realized the amazing potential for success that was being placed before them."

      - Trisha Snow, parent and teacher
        West Richland, WA