What is Summit Learning?

Summit Learning uses personalized teaching and learning to empower students to harness their inner drive for success. Developed in partnership with nationally-acclaimed learning scientists and researchers, our instructional approach inspires children and prepares them for life after graduation. By concentrating on the personal needs and abilities of both individual students and whole communities, we have been able to create an environment that fosters success.

Outcomes for Students

We strive to reach every student and ensure they leave high school with the skills, knowledge, and habits they need to succeed. And, we are dedicated to giving every student what they need to lead a fulfilled life; one with purposeful work, financial security, fulfilling personal relationships, engagement in the community, and the physical health to engage in daily life.

In the Classroom

When it comes to learning and instruction, the Summit Learning approach has three main components. These interconnected components are necessary to ensure that students are ready to live their best life after graduation. Each school builds these components into their schedule.

  • Mentoring

    Ensures that each student is known and supported by a caring adult through weekly 1:1 checkins

  • Projects

    Equips students with life skills that they will apply to real-world scenarios in college and career

  • Self-Direction

    Helps students develop the ability to set and follow through on short- and long-term goals

What it Means for Teachers

Teachers are the backbone of Summit Learning. In each classroom, they:

  • Teach real-world skills that students will use after school
  • Lead collaborative, hands-on projects
  • Mentor students and develop deep relationships
  • Are experts not only in their subject area but also the skills and habits students need to succeed
  • Change the lives of students every day as they work with them to achieve their own success

What it Means for Students

Each day, students in Summit Learning classrooms:

  • Start to understand what they are truly capable of
  • Untap their hidden drive for and love of learning
  • Develop the skills they need to choose their own path in school and in life
  • Prepare for life after graduation by honing the skills, habits, and knowledge they'll need in the real world
  • Work at their own pace until they have a deep understanding of skills and subject matter
  • Are supported by their mentors, teachers, and classmates

What it Means for Families

Summit Learning is most effective when families are partners in their child's education. Throughout the year, they:

  • See their child grow into a more curious, driven, and self-aware student who has learned to take charge of their education
  • Watch their child develop their own sense of purpose and learn to establish and reach personal and educational goals
  • Talk regularly with mentors who have developed a deep, personal connection with their child to check on their short- and long-term progress

Supporting Every Student

Our approach offers opportunities for personalized supports (like small group workshops and individual interventions) that make academic success attainable for all students. Through the additional support that is offered to every student, we ensure that every student has the skills, knowledge, and tools they need to find their own path to success. In addition, Summit Learning schools are obligated to fully implement individualized education programs (IEPs) and meet all federal and local requirements for English Learners, just like any other public school.

The Science Behind Summit Learning

Summit Learning is based on over a century of extensive learning research. Learn more about our research.