The Science Behind Summit Learning

Proven Methods Backed by Science

The Summit Learning instructional approach is based on more than 100 years of leading learning science, psychology, and workforce development research. A personalized approach to teaching and learning, Summit Learning is inspired by our vision to equip every student to live a fulfilled life. To reach that goal, we translated the science of learning and our own experience as educators into the intentional design of our schools to achieve student success in three outcomes: Cognitive Skills, Content Knowledge, and Habits of Success.

Planning for Success

Working with nationally acclaimed learning scientists, researchers, and academics, we developed Summit Learning over 15 years. Once we established the core outcomes we wanted students to achieve, we worked with our greater team to design a classroom environment to help students reach those outcomes. This resulted in the creation of a learning experience that is based on three main components: Mentoring, Projects, and Self-Direction.

In bringing Summit Learning to life, these components are the way we bring core student outcomes to fruition. We made specific choices in how teachers and students spend time and what the school day looks like.

More About our Methods

The Guide to the Science of Summit

This extensive guide provides a better understanding of not only our teaching components, but also the extensive research behind them. Developed through research with some of the leading learning scientists across the country, it is a complete explanation of how we've been able to develop a successful learning environment.

Designing Aligned School Models: A Framework for School Improvement

This white paper serves as a companion piece to The Science of Summit and shows school communities how they can understand their existing school model, design an aspirational school model, and identify gaps between the two.