Privacy Center

As educators, and parents ourselves, we want to make sure the technology our students use in school empowers and supports their learning. We are also committed to sharing everything we're doing and learning with our fellow educators.

As we embark on this important work together, student data privacy and security will always be our top priority. These are the non-negotiable principles that guide our collective work:

Summit operates the Summit Learning Platform, and it's not a business. We're a nonprofit public school that's committed to offering the Platform for free. There are no ads in the Platform and student data isn't used for advertising. Summit does not, and will not, sell student data or seek to make money in any way from public schools, teachers, students or parents. We're proud signatories to the Future of Privacy Forum's White House-endorsed Student Privacy Pledge.

An independent engineering team at Facebook works for Summit. We're collaborating with a small but dedicated team of engineers at Facebook who work alongside Summit educators to improve the Summit Learning Platform and make it more effective for teachers, students and parents.

This team operates independently from the rest of Facebook - we permit them access to student data only as necessary to help us provide and improve the Platform. In addition to the strict privacy controls we put in place, members of this team undergo extra privacy training on educational privacy requirements. The Summit Learning Platform does not require a Facebook account and is completely separate from the rest of Facebook. And, like Summit, Facebook does not and will not use the Platform student data for advertising.

We protect student data as if it were our own. We use the Summit Learning Platform in our own schools and work tirelessly to keep student data safe. For example, we store the Platform data on Amazon Web Services which is one of the most reliable and trusted hosts. Summit encrypts student data in transit and at rest. As a public school, we take the obligations of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) very seriously and have designed the Platform to be compliant with FERPA. We operate as a "school official" under FERPA and contract with a small number of service providers, including Facebook, to operate the Platform and offer it to other schools. We require these service providers to have comprehensive data protection measures in place.