Privacy Center

As educators and parents, protecting student data privacy is Summit's top priority.

We use the Summit Learning Platform in our own schools and work tirelessly to keep student information safe. We go beyond compliance, adopting industry best practices and training to create a culture of privacy protection.

We are committed to:

  • Offering the Summit Learning Platform for free to schools as part of the Summit Learning Program. There are no ads in the Platform, and we will never sell student data or seek to profit from public schools, teachers, students or parents.
  • Protecting student privacy by limiting the information we collect to what is needed to improve the Platform and by adopting strong policies to guide data access, retention, and destruction.
  • Seeking feedback from our partners and privacy experts to ensure that our protocols and procedures are effective in meeting the needs of schools, families, and students.

We continue to make additional improvements to our policies and practices, including:

  • A requirement that all third-party providers comply with our privacy policy, ensuring that our partners have the same protections in place as we do;
  • Additional security practices, such as greater testing of new functionality and independent risk assessments to make sure we continue to improve our practices; and
  • Implementing initiatives like single sign-on and multi-factor authentication that enhance protection for authorized users.
  • Aligning with the CIS (Center for Internet Security) Critical Security Controls standards—industry best practices, ensuring we continue to improve upon the security of our information network and systems.