Help students gain the skills, knowledge and habits to succeed.

When students harness the power within themselves, there's no limit to what they can achieve. Learn how to support them with Summit Learning.

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Summit Learning

Summit Learning is an instructional approach that gives students the opportunity to reach their full potential and teachers the tools they need to meet the needs and interests of each student.

  • Mentoring

    Ensures that each student is known and supported by a caring adult through weekly 1:1 checkins

  • Projects

    Equips students with life skills that they will apply to real-world scenarios in college and career

  • Self-Direction

    Helps students develop the ability to set and follow through on short- and long-term goals

The Science of Summit

The Science of Summit is a groundbreaking white paper 15 years in the making. It is our effort to share what we believe about young people, about the promise of public education, and about principles for school design rooted in the science of learning.

The Program - Free for Schools

Through the completely free Summit Learning Program, we provide schools across the United States with the tools, resources, and training they need to implement Summit Learning in a way that meets each community's individual needs and vision.

  • Curricula and Assessments

    A complete, standards-aligned curriculum is available for grades 4-12 in core subjects. Designed by educators, this customizable curriculum comes with projects, teaching and learning resources, and tests. The curriculum is rigorous and allows for purposeful sequencing of learning from year to year.

  • Ongoing Support

    Every Summit Learning school receives direct, one-on-one support from a dedicated Summit Learning mentor. Mentors conduct regular check-ins and site visits with Summit Learning schools and help build community and collaboration between schools.

  • Professional Development

    Summit Learning educators receive in-person and on-demand professional development and training. Schools gather at regional convenings and trainings multiple times a year to ensure that they have the in-person professional development they need to successfully implement the instructional approach.

  • Summit Learning Platform

    The Platform is an online tool that supports what teachers and students do in class each day. It is where students work through projects, submit schoolwork, take tests, and access a variety of materials for their classes. Lastly, it's where they set personal goals with their mentor and teachers.

Our Community is Growing

The Summit Learning Program started off as a small pilot at Summit Public Schools with only 19 schools in 2015. Today, it serves more than 380 schools, nearly 3,800 educators, and more than 72,000 students across the U.S. This community continues to grow - as does the team working in support of it. We believe the Program is ready to succeed as its own nonprofit organization, beginning in 2019-20 school year.

"It is going to be challenging, but already I can see how much our students appreciate being the directors of their own education and having choices, challenges and personalized support every day."

Teacher Urban Promise Academy Oakland, California

A diverse community of schools around the country are bringing personalized learning to their students.

  • 72,000+
  • 3,800+
  • 380+

Who We Are

Summit Public Schools is a leading network of public schools that equips all students to lead a fulfilled life. It operates 11 schools in California and Washington and shares its personalized approach to teaching and learning - Summit Learning - with more than 380 schools across the country for free. Summit Learning forms the foundation on which Summit's successful schools were built, with its schools consistently ranking among the best in the nation. Historically, 99 percent of its graduates are accepted into at least one four-year college and complete college at double the national average.

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