The Rise Award is a national recognition that honors schools’ commitment to constantly improve the quality of teaching and learning at their school. Schools receiving the Rise Award have built the systems, structures, and culture that prepares students with the skills and knowledge to succeed in life beyond the classroom.

Why do we give the Rise Award?

We believe all students deserve a learning experience that meets their individual needs. By showcasing examples of schools thriving within the Summit Learning program, we can help other schools reach for the same outcomes.

The Rise Award highlights schools from a diverse range of communities, all with unique settings, strengths, challenges, and goals. The award honors schools that practice the Summit Learning academic approach to provide educational experiences their students deserve.

Which schools are eligible for the Rise Award?

All partner schools are eligible to be considered for the Rise Award. To receive the Rise Award, schools must participate in an evaluation process led by a team from Summit Learning. To be considered for the Rise Award, schools need to:

  • Show high-quality implementation of the Summit Learning approach in all core courses
  • Exhibit a commitment to continuously improve the quality of teaching and learning at their school
  • Demonstrate the site-level conditions shown to fully empower students through Summit Learning

To learn about how your school can be considered, connect with your Summit Learning Coach.