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  • Making Science Class the Happiest Place on Earth With Projects

    Zach Jernigan, a sixth-grade science teacher in Virginia, shares his thrill for the Forces at Work-Rollercoaster Design project his students engaged with during a long-term project. He believes project-based learning is an impactful way to engage student imagination and apply new content to real-life scenarios.

  • How My Middle School Son Learned to Not Give Up

    Read about a mother's heartfelt reflections on her son's academic transformation from a passive to active learner. Her son grew empowered to take more ownership over his education and build lifelong skills, such as time management, after realizing the Summit Learning environment values mastery over material before moving onto the next lesson.

  • Chester County Junior High Adopts Innovative Platform That's Been Key to Improvement

    This article shares an inspiring story from a Tennessee Principal Belinda Anderson about her school's impressive academic performance turnaround and why she credits Summit Learning for facilitating "good teaching, period."