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  • 'School Within a School' Lets Kids Control Their Learning

    Reporter Devin Bodkin visits Rocky Mountain Middle School to see what self-direction, collaboration, and mentoring look like in action. The story describes improved student-teacher relationships and how students exhibit college-level readiness such as self direction and responsibility. Teacher and advocate Jami Mcling shares: "I know these students much better than I knew my students in a traditional setting, and I always felt I knew those students very well."

  • An Interview with Ms. Tammy Stephens of Bear Lake High School

    Tammy Stephens, teacher at Bear Lake High School in Montpelier, Idaho, shares her experience with Summit Learning. Ms. Stephens answers questions from the community, provides insight into what goes on in the classroom on a daily basis, and discusses how her students are becoming prepared for life beyond high school. She dissects and clarifies the concept of real, meaningful learning, walks through the weekly mentoring component, and provides further insight into her journey as an educator.

  • A Teaching Style That's a Game-Changer in More Ways Than One

    Jami McLing, a teacher at Rocky Mountain Middle School and parent of two students, discusses how Summit Learning was first introduced to her as a way to better reach every student in her classroom. Her school adopted the program in August 2016 and, according to Jami, they "haven't looked back." From both a parent and teacher perspective, McLing expresses the deep impact this rigorous and confidence-boosting approach to learning has had on both her daughters' and her students' personal growth and empowerment.