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  • Dexter Kids' Ads are Back!

    Sixth-graders in Michigan recently put their artistic talents to work in the world of business marketing. Students were assigned to create a newspaper ad for sponsoring businesses. "All the students involved in this project are a part of the Summit Learning Community at Creekside Intermediate School," said teacher Amy Robke. "Summit Learning is a hands-on, project-based approach to learning with real world applications, such as this project. We were excited to work on this project with the Sun Times."

  • Bear Lake High School Staff Appreciation

    Koriauna Criswell, a student at Bear Lake High School in Idaho, collected statements from fellow students and their mentors to highlight the school's robust mentoring program. Koriauna's powerful words about her mentor were published in the local news, along with words written by student Tayzley Neal. "The best thing was knowing he believed in me and knowing he had confidence in me," Neal wrote about her mentor.

  • Benefits of Summit Learning Platform (Guest Column)

    Annie Thomas, a Colorado parent of a student using the Summit Learning program, wrote a letter to the editor that highlighted the benefits she's seen from the platform. "Students in a Summit classroom are gaining valuable skills for the future," Thomas wrote. "Summit empowers students, teachers, and parents. Students have an opportunity to direct much of their learning through their choices." Thomas also points out that teachers spend more time connecting with their students individually and in small groups.


  • Our district is battling a loneliness epidemic

    Dr. Stacey Perez, principal at Summit Learning partner Classical Academy High School near San Diego, wrote an op-ed about the importance of educators making sure that every student feels seen and heard. "Whether talking in-person or virtually, even small conversations play an important role in creating the connections students need," Perez said. "One of the most important things I've observed over my many years as an educator is that students need to know you are there for them."

  • CZI's Head Of Education On Supporting Student, Educator Wellbeing

    Sandra Liu Huang, CZI's Head of Education, spoke to Forbes about how Summit Learning and Along are providing teachers with research-based practices to help ensure that all students thrive in their learning journey. "(We) have seen teachers be tremendous sources of innovation because they have had no choice but to innovate," Huang said. "I think we've seen that innovation is possible, and that teachers really see the need to think about student wellbeing as part of their learning package."

  • McKinley School's Key to Student Success

    Summit Learning partner McKinley School (TK-8th grade) equips its middle school students with the knowledge, habits, and skills they need to be successful. The Pasadena, California, school helps its students develop lifelong learning skills and discover how to take ownership of their learning. "We understand that each child is unique and we encourage students to set their own goals and strive for new personal peaks with Summit," McKinley Instructional Coach Billie Johnson said.

  • Prairie Heights Middle schools recognized by state for improvement

    Prairie Heights Middle School in Evans, Colorado, has been recognized by the state of Colorado for improving students' academic performances. Led by principal Stephanie Knox, the Summit Learning partner has enjoyed turnaround success in several areas, including professional development and school culture. In 2020, Prairie Heights was awarded the Rise Award, a national recognition that honors schools' commitment to constantly improve the quality of teaching and learning at their school.

  • National Survey: Technology is an Important Tool for Building Connections

    Gradient Learning, the nonprofit that offers the Summit Learning program, released results of a national survey that showed that the majority of educators believe technology helps them build connections and community with their students. In the Gradient Learning Poll, 70-percent of teachers agreed that the use of digital tools and resources helps them provide opportunities for their students to develop self-directed learning skills. Also, 60-percent of educators believe that digital learning expands access to online content that is current and relevant.

  • Podcast: What is Social Emotional Learning?

    Summit Learning partner school CICS-Bucktown in Chicago was featured in the TODAY Show's "Building Classroom Connections" podcast series. The podcast showcased how the school focuses on the emotional and social aspects of learning. Students and teachers share how this human-based learning approach affects their experiences in and out of the classroom. Mentoring, one of the pillars of the Summit Learning program, has helped the CICS-Bucktown thrive by prioritizing student-teacher connections.

  • ‘Discover who you are'

    Jeff Ramirez, a fifth-grade teacher at Summit Learning partner Aspen Valley Prep in Fresno, Calif., finds power in sharing his family history and experiences to inspire his students to celebrate themselves. Ramirez's goal in speaking about the past is to spark his students' curiosity about the world around them—and hopefully further their passion for learning. Ramirez knows each individual student brings their life experiences to his classroom and he wants them to recognize what makes them unique.

  • Teacher Spotlight: Tammy Stephens at Bear Lake High School

    Tammy Stephens, a teacher at Summit Learning partner Bear Lake High School in Montpelier, Idaho, maintains a positive outlook throughout the school year by reminding herself of the potential life-changing impact she can make on students by building relationships with them. "This career is so wonderful because we get to spend day after day with the same students and get to know them on a personal level," Stephens said.

  • Frankfort High School earns National Blue Ribbon School distinction

    Summit Learning partner school Frankfort High School in Kentucky earned the distinction of being called a 2022 National Blue Ribbon school. The recognition is based on a school's overall academic performance or progress in closing achievement gaps among student subgroups. The National Blue Ribbon School award affirms and validates the hard work of students, educators, families, and communities in striving for—and attaining—exemplary achievement.

  • 'How Are You Feeling Today?' More Teachers Use Tech to Check Emotional Pulse of Students

    Thompson Intermediate School, a Summit Learning partner in Texas, places an emphasis on building meaningful connections between students and teachers. "That's not something you learn when you're going to school to be a teacher," Thompson principal Tanis Griffin said. "You don't take a class to learn how to build relationships with kids." Thompson has found success in doing so through its use of Along, a student-teacher connection builder offered by Gradient Learning.

  • 'A teacher's dream': On Track Academy's Rachel Peterson harnesses 'Innocent Rumination' into new passion

    In both the classroom and the stained-glass studio, On Track Academy senior Rachel Peterson leads, creates, and transcends. "She always has a knack for creativity and going above and beyond," said Karli Kruiswyk, Peterson's Summit Learning teacher at the Spokane, Washington, school. Peterson mastered workshop skills by creating a portfolio of imaginative stained-glass projects. At OTA, Peterson is also involved in Gender Sexuality Alliance and the eSports club.

  • Super-Powering Student Motivation and Engagement

    CZI hosted a panel at the 2022 National Charter Schools Conference to share with educators research about the value of putting student-teacher relationships first, and strategies for fostering connections. Dr. Stacey Perez, principal at Summit Learning partner Classical Academy High School near San Diego, joined the panel as an outspoken advocate for supporting student's academic development and well-being through personalized connections.

  • Greater Johnstown's Moore receives Subich scholarship

    Zack Moore, a senior at Greater Johnstown Senior High School in Pennsylvania, credits his mentor with helping him receive the Subich Trojan Spirit Scholarship. "Alyssa Breedlove was my mentor in the Summit Learning program when I was a freshman, and also my math teacher for a couple years," Moore said. "She helped me out with any academic troubles and always led me to the sources I needed."

  • Williams Elementary School was selected as a recipient of the Rise Award

    Williams Elementary School in Pasadena, Texas, was one of two schools selected nationwide for the Rise Award. The award, which is presented by Gradient Learning to a Summit Learning partner, honors schools' commitment to constantly improve the quality of teaching and learning at their school. Schools receiving the Rise Award have built the systems, structures, and culture that prepares students with the skills and knowledge to succeed in life beyond the classroom.

  • New York School Highlights Incredible Innovation at Celebrate Israel Parade

    Students from Summit Learning partner Westchester Torah Academy in New Rochelle, NY, marched in a Celebrate Israel Parade while playing 3-D printed instruments they designed themselves. "We pride ourselves on innovation and progressive education," WTA Head of School Deganit Ronen said. "Our students are able to do things you don't see everywhere else." Ronen said WTA places a high value on technology through its STEAM program.

  • Project-based charter school in Kimberly RISEs to the occasion

    RISE Charter School in Idaho is enjoying a successful first school year as a Summit Learning partner. The school is focusing on relationships and the Habits of Success to build life skills. "I feel like that's equally if not a little bit more important for these kids as they go out into the world," RISE Director Heidi Child said. "No matter what they chose to do, to learn just how to be a good human."

  • Building a strong mentor-mentee bond in Tennessee

    Dr. Leah Shull loves being a mentor at Chester County Junior High School in Tennessee and seeing the many positive results that come from forming connections with students. "Everybody has a place to belong," Shull said. "Everyone has a group of people who are going to notice when they're not there or when they're having a bad day. Just being noticed is a big deal and it's changed the way they see coming to school and the way we see our job as teachers."

  • ‘Like Family:' Bear Lake mentoring programs drives school culture

    Bear Lake High School in Montpelier, Idaho, credits its mentoring program with Summit Learning with deepening connections in its school's community. In this statewide story, students and teachers reflect on how they've built trust, boosted academics, and even prompted community service projects through their relationship-building. "It's nice to have someone to talk to who's not a relative," Bear Lake senior Elise Kelsey said.

  • Chester County Junior High School sees improvement in rating

    Summit Learning partner school Chester County Junior High School was featured on a Tennessee television news channel because of its turnaround success in recent years. The Henderson, Tenn., school's principal, Dr. Belinda Anderson, said she leans on feedback from her students to build better relationships between educators and learners. "It's all about our students and what is best for them," Anderson said.

  • ‘Like Family:' Bear Lake mentoring programs drives school culture

    Bear Lake High School in Montpelier, Idaho, credits its mentoring program with Summit Learning with deepening connections in its school's community. In this statewide story, students and teachers reflect on how they've built trust, boosted academics, and even prompted community service projects through their relationship-building. "It's nice to have someone to talk to who's not a relative," Bear Lake senior Elise Kelsey said.

  • Students deserve social and emotional support at school now more than ever | Opinion

    Heather Brown, Assistant Principal at Summit Learning partner Royal Spring Middle School in Georgetown, Kentucky, wrote about the power of mentoring in an op-ed that was published both in The Courier-Journal in Louisville and nationwide on Yahoo! News. "Mentors are steady ships in rough waters," wrote Brown, who focused on the power of vulnerability in creating mentoring relationships that support students in unpredictable times.

  • Educator of the Week: Sara Vasquez of Aspen Meadow Public School

    Sara Vasquez, in her first year as a sixth-grade teacher at Aspen Meadow Public School, was recently recognized "for her big personality and ability to connect with each student." Vasquez, who received Summit Learning's Teacher Spotlight honor in December, was named Educator of the Week by KSEE-TV, the NBC affiliate in Fresno, California. Vasquez received a monetary award that she plans on using on classroom supplies for her students.

  • Dr. Anderson leads Chester County Junior High to achieve turnaround success

    Dr. Belinda Anderson, the Principal at Chester County Junior High School in Henderson, Tennessee, was featured on the front page of the Chester County Independent. Anderson, who approaches each day with infectious enthusiasm, has led CCJHS to turnaround success in the five years she's led the school. Anderson credits the relationship-based way of learning the school has focused on since partnering with Summit Learning. "It starts with those relationships," Anderson said.

  • FHS teacher speaks on panel at 49th annual NABSE Conference

    Krystal Conway-Cunningham, a teacher from Summit Learning partner Frankfort High School in Kentucky, was a guest speaker at the National Alliance of Black School Educators Conference in Los Angeles. Conway-Cunningham spoke on a panel about “Relationships First: Prioritizing Strong Connections to Support Student Well-Being and Learning.” “My task was to share from an educators' perspective the importance of building student-teacher relationships even in the midst of the pandemic,” she said.

  • Lego Models And Innovating In K­–12 Schools

    Joel Rose, founder of New Classrooms, has long stressed the importance of creating new “learning models so that teachers can meet each student’s needs each day.” Summit Learning is featured in this article as one way that schools can accomplish that goal. “It’s well past time for far more research and development into building these modular models that could help rethink parts of the schooling experience,” writes Michael B. Horn.

  • National Survey Shows Mentoring More Important Than Ever for Student Success

    In a new national survey of 1,418 teachers, an overwhelming majority of teachers said one-on-one mentoring for students is vital for student success. The survey was conducted by Gradient Learning, the non-profit organization that offers the Summit Learning program, in partnership with Project Tomorrow. “As educators and school leaders seek new ways to keep students engaged and supported in and out of the classroom, mentoring has emerged as an affordable solution,” writes Kristal Kuykendall.

  • It’s Not Just Misbehavior. Students Are Telling Us Our Schools Aren’t Working.

    The return to in-person learning following the COVID-19 pandemic has placed even more focus on students’ social and emotional needs. This article uses Summit Learning as an example of how education can return agency and self-determination to the students. “The cultural pressure to force children and young people back into being force-fed learning on adult timelines has returned in full force,” writes author Maureen Kelleher, a former high school teacher.

  • School of the Week: YESPhilly Helps Students Obtain High School Diplomas

    YESPhilly (Youth Empowerment Services) received the spotlight for using the key components of the Summit Learning program to create “lifelong learners.” “I ultimately want them to leave us being lifelong learners,” Principal David Rivoire said. “I’m hoping that we not only provide them with the basic skills they need for school, but that they leave here with a curiosity and an understanding that they are able and capable to basically do what they want to do.”

  • Building Relationships with Diverse Learners

    Eighth-grade teacher Laura Tollis shares her five favorite tools for building strong relationships with diverse learners in this case study. Tollis, whose primary focus is supporting students with special needs, highlights Summit Learning for helping create a sense of belonging at her school. “Summit Learning gives me a fresh opportunity to connect with students over specific subjects and topics,” Tollis said.

  • Best Practices for Students to Take Ownership of Their Learning

    Fairview Park City Schools in Cleveland, Ohio, is featured in this article, which includes data that shows how its students have improved since partnering with Summit Learning. In 2016-17, FPCS chose to implement the program with all of their students in grades 6-9. Along with improving student performance, the district credits Summit Learning with helping its teachers come together to support one another.

  • The 74 Newsletter

    The 74 featured a new report, "How to Close the Relationship Gap in School," that was conducted by Gradient Learning, the nonprofit that oversees the Summit Learning program. Of the 1,031 students surveyed, 72-percent said they wish they had an opportunity to share more with teachers. The 74 also included information about how access to strong relationships is unequal among different groups of students.

  • How Chicago Teachers are Using Social-Emotional Learning in the Classroom

    Summit Learning partner CICS Bucktown was placed in the national spotlight when NBC’s TODAY Show visited the school in Chicago, Illinois, for a “Building Classroom Connections” story that focused on social-emotional learning. Mentoring, one of the pillars of Summit Learning, has helped CICS Buckrown prioritize student-teacher relationships and continue to thrive despite the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Kerns Named Middle School Teacher of the Year

    Donovan Kerns, who teaches studies at Royal Spring Middle School in Georgetown, Kentucky, was named the Scott County Schools Middle School Teacher of the Year. “Donovan Kerns is a devoted teacher who serves our school with pride,” Royal Spring Middle School Principal Amanda Wands said. “We are thankful for his commitment to his students and are inspired by his passion for our school.”

  • The Beginnings of a Better Education

    A senior student at Berea Community High School in Berea, Kentucky, wrote about their experience with Summit Learning and shared what they are excited about for this school year. “I learned that not only does Summit provide an easier, more streamlined framework for students and teachers alike, but that the program also allows students to personalize their education towards their own interests and pace of learning.”

  • Eastern Idaho School Mentor Program Supports Students Through Challenging Times

    National Public Radio’s Idaho affiliate featured Bear Lake High School and its powerful use of mentoring with students. “Listening is huge,” Bear Lake teacher Tammy Stephens said on the Idaho Matters segment. “Pausing and stepping back and letting the student talk.” The program showed how mentoring has helped students through tough times and given them a strong foundation to start the 2021-22 school year.

  • Why We’re Prioritizing SEL This Year

    Chrysantha Norwood, a sixth-grade teacher at Distinctive College Prep-Harper Woods in Harper Woods, Michigan, co-authored an opinion story about why social-emotional learning will be a necessity for students and their families this year to proactively address stress and trauma related to the pandemic. Norwood said that implementing SEL increased attendance and gave teachers an actionable opportunity to infuse joy into their classes daily.

  • 3 Strategies To Make Your Classroom a Community

    Research shows that positive teacher-student relationships are connected to greater engagement, increased motivation, and better grades. As schools prepare for a new year, Summit Learning Executive Director Andrew Goldin wrote about ways to build those relationships. He focused on three strategies — providing practical guidance, knowing each student, and finding the right tools — that school and district leaders can use.

  • Charter School, Homeless Rescue Organization Join Forces

    Aspen Ridge Public School in Fresno, Calif., is opening a new campus in a new partnership with Fresno Mission. The Summit Learning partner's students will be able to interact with nonprofit organizations that will be located on campus. "We develop our students as leaders," said Joshua Hodges, Aspen Ridge's site director. "The more we develop leaders, the more our community benefits from it as a whole."

  • Howard University PCS: Sticking to what it knows

    Howard University PCS in Washington, D.C., had a successful transition to remote learning in large part because of the Summit Learning program. Principal Kathryn Procope credited the mentoring program with providing a safeguard to ensure each student had what they needed. "If we've learned anything from the pandemic," Procope said, "it's that we're going to adjust and shift the way we educate them to make sure we reach them."

  • Priscilla Chan and Summit Learning

    Mentoring is an essential part of the student experience at Bear Lake High School in Montpelier, Idaho. Priscilla Chan, co-founder of CZI, wrote a letter to Bear Lake students and staff and commended them for using mentoring to work through several challenges and thrive in the Summit Learning program. "I was moved and inspired to hear that students feel such confidence and optimism for the future," Chan wrote.

  • Dexter middle school students making a positive impact

    Cheryl Darnton, a seventh-grade teacher of Global Studies at Mill Creek Middle School in Dexter, Michigan, led a project that focused on global issues such as climate change, extreme poverty, hunger, water scarcity, equality, overpopulation, etc. Students wrote grant proposals that led to grants being offered to selected nonprofit organizations. "There is a saying, ‘Think globally, act locally,'" Darnton said.

  • The Best And Worst Of Times: A 12th-Grader's Take On Pandemic Learning

    Kenna Chase, a senior at Classical Academy High School near San Diego, wrote about her experiences over the past year and how thankful she was for Summit Learning. PBS NewsHour featured Chase as part of their Hindsight 20/21 series that focused on how the pandemic affected students and teachers nationwide.

  • Malisha Magnuson and Jason Cottingham: Retiring teacher brought inspired, cultivated minds

    In Spokane, Wash., students, and teachers from On Track Academy surprised retiring teacher Eric Magi with this article. A student wrote that Mr. Magi "has changed my life for the better" and a student-teacher wrote that "he teaches people to broaden their belief in what they thought was possible of themselves."

  • Cristo Rey De La Salle High School Is Committed to Putting Community First As It Reopens

    In Oakland, Calif., Cristo Rey De La Salle was highlighted by CZI in an article and a video. CZI, in collaboration with Gradient Learning, wrote about how the school uses Summit Learning to build relationships with students and places an emphasis on the social-emotional wellbeing of their community.

  • Here's How Culturally Sustaining Curriculum Roots Students in a Legacy of Strength

    Summit Learning's commitment to culturally sustaining curriculum was showcased in this article by Evan Gutierrez, who wrote that "when teaching and learning is designed with our students in mind, they thrive." The article emphasized that educators "must set the bar high" for their curriculum.

  • We're Not Just Doing Distance Learning, We're Teaching Through a Crisis

    Elizabeth Kittredge wrote about the importance of mentoring on her students at Rhodes Junior High School. She said mentoring is essential in the COVID-19 era. "Mentoring helps me become more of a person in (students') eyes instead of just another face on a screen. It is about building a deeper connection with a student and creating a space where learning is possible."

  • Resilience: The Skill That Keeps Teaching and Learning Thriving at Pasadena ISD

    Melissa McCalla wrote about the power of resilience. She said teachers and students in her Pasadena, Texas, schools have worked together to support each other throughout the pandemic. "As educators, we must display our resilience every day to ensure that our students will be prepared for whatever challenge life throws at them next."

  • Kimberly to open new charter school, giving more options to families in the area

    A new charter school has been created in Kimberly, Idaho, and will partner with Summit Learning. Rise Charter School is set to open in August for grades fourth through eighth. Principal Heidi Child, who will be the principal of the school, is excited about using the Summit Learning curriculum to give her students more project-based learning opportunities and life skills.

  • Chandlers Middle School preparing students for future using Summit Learning

    Mike Hoots, an assistant principal at Chandler's School, wrote about how mentoring and mastery-based learning helped his school smoothly transition to remote learning. "While schools across the United States and Kentucky were not expecting a pandemic, we were prepared," Hoots wrote. "(We are) ensuring that students are equipped with the kind of habits they'll need to be successful long after they finish school."

  • Dexter teacher named Science Teacher of the Year

    Denise Dutcher of Creekside Intermediate in Michigan received a Science Teacher of the Year honor and credited Summit Learning with helping her achieve success. "As you may know, remote learning has had its share of challenges. The resources that exist within the (Summit Learning) platform help to keep the kids engaged and supported. More importantly, I have found that by mentoring students 1:1, I've been able to make connections with them. Students that feel known and respected, will want to work harder."

  • Lomax Middle School Earns National Honor

    Carter Lomax Middle School is one of the two inaugural recipients of the Rise Award. The Pasadena, Texas, school joined the Summit Learning program five years ago and has since experienced a significant increase in test scores in STAAR (State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness) exams among special education and English Language Learners students.

  • District 6's Prairie Heights Middle School receives national award

    Greeley-Evans School District’s Prairie Heights Middle School was one of two schools recognized for its approach to education focusing on real-world scenarios, collaboration and mentoring. Principal Stephanie Knox said her staff is the reason for the Rise Award. "I have the pleasure of working alongside a team of people who always want to do what is best for kids," Knox said. "I really mean it when I say they have put the extremely hard work into this."

  • How Two Schools Are Enabling Even More Personalized Learning From A Distance

    Two Chicago principals share lessons learned from the past year and how focusing on personalized learning had a positive impact during remote instruction. Melissa Sweazy and Stacy Stewart said many teachers are forming even closer connections with students and their families. That has strengthened their ability to engage students effectively and address their academic and social-emotional needs.

  • Supporting every student's mental health: Chester Co. Jr. High fosters safe space for kids

    At Chester County Junior High School, the foundation of student mental and social-emotional health has been the school-wide mentoring program, providing stability during uncertain times. "They're now in a safe place," said Beth Naylor, English Language Arts teacher and mentor. "They're in a place that's going to be supportive of them and where they'll have someone they can count on and depend on."

  • Principal Ana Hernandez uses education to empower underserved communities

    Once a first-generation learner, Principal Hernandez knows how important it is to help students thrive early and often, especially those who come from underprivileged communities. Now she meets her students with the support they need at Cristo Rey De La Salle East Bay High School. "I learned firsthand that students need educators that bring their true authentic selves and encourage students to do the same."

  • School Pairs Students with Life Coaches to Help Them Deal with Stress

    According to one survey, 87 percent of teens say the coronavirus has added stress or anxiety to their lives. But one school in St. Louis aims to help students meet that challenge by pairing them with life coaches, through a mentoring model they implement along with over 300 schools across the country, via their participation in the Summit Learning program. The TODAY Show visited Kairos Academies as part of Mental Health and America's Kids.

  • 6 Lessons Learned About Better Teaching During the Pandemic

    Educators and students have had to be flexible and problem-solve in the past several months, and these schools, including Summit Learning partners, say that learner-centric practices will continue when students return to classrooms. "Once the pandemic's over, there may be something else that comes along in the world, but having those habits of resilience, self-regulation, agency … we're helping schools build that now," said Krista Purnell, a School & District Success Manager for Summit Learning.

  • How Students are Strengthening Life Skills During School Closures

    At this time when students are experiencing high levels of stress and trauma, fostering skills like growth mindset, self-regulation, and self-direction can support student wellness. Holly Wright, a Habits of Success specialist on the Summit Learning team, wrote about how "we have a special opportunity as educators to think about how we are fostering the skills students will need in their lives beyond the classroom."

  • COVID-19 Forces Us to Rethink High School – And That May be a Good Thing | Opinion

    Paul Herdman, the President and CEO of Rodel, writes that "there are a growing number of hybrid learning models, like Summit Learning, that provide project-based learning by leveraging online content to customize learning experiences for individual students."

  • Mentoring is the ‘Secret Sauce' for Aspen Valley Prep Closing the Achievement Gap

    Aspen Valley Prep in Fresno, Calif., has seen measurable success because of Summit Learning's highly-personalized approach to learning. Hilary Witts, the Director of Summit Learning at AVP, said the program's mentoring is the "secret sauce for success."

  • Letter: Appreciating my daughter's teachers

    Parent Sabra Quinn of Bailey Bridge Middle School in Virginia thanks her daughter's teachers for their support during remote learning and emphasizes how Summit Learning focuses on teaching students life skills like perseverance.

  • Greater Johnstown Students Contribute to Summit Learning Blog

    Students from Greater Johnstown High School were featured in their local paper for their blog contributions to Summit Learning's website. "It was really nice to talk about how Summit has benefited me," said student Mia Jordan.

  • Fast Forward: Is it time for project-based curriculum to replace traditional models?

    Evan Gutierrez shares his perspective on the topics of culturally relevant curriculum, explaining the need to change the formal curriculum to one that is reflective of students' experiences in the outside world.

  • Education is the gateway to our dreams

    Paul Kucharek, a new teacher at Bear Lake High School, says when he learned about the Summit Learning Program, the opportunity to teach some of his life skills, the mentoring, the cognitive skills, it just felt like a perfect fit for him.

  • Students, Families, Teachers Stay Connected Through Mentoring Program

    Arkansas's Lincoln Middle and High School's Principal Michele Price emphasizes the importance of the mentor-student relationship to support remote learning. "Teachers already had the trust of the families and students to basically invite them into their homes through virtual learning," Price said.

  • Principal of Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science Kathryn Procope Selected as NASSP Digital Principal of the Year

    Kathryn Procope "believes in transforming the way children learn" and shares her school's experience with a blended learning experience, in this article. "We have combined educational technology with socially responsive pedagogy as we prepare our young people to be critical thinkers and game-changers in the world."

  • Nothing Replaces the Teacher, But This Digital Platform Helps Ease the Burden

    New Jersey public education activist and author Laura Waters discusses how Summit Learning "has clearly eased the transition to home instruction" for New Egypt High School through the use of the platform and mentoring model. Principal Rick DeMarco drives home a key takeaway that "this situation truly dispels any thought that the computer is the end-all-be-all...they need teachers. Nothing replaces the face-to-face in a classroom."

  • Teacher Inspires Students to Become Educators

    Bear Lake High School's beloved veteran teacher of 37-years Tammy Stephens is spotlighted for her commitment to her students, district, and community. Her lasting influence has spurred several former students to pursue a career in education. "I have never seen a veteran teacher not only so open to change but leading the charge," said Bear Lake High principal Luke Kelsey.

  • The Overlooked Power of Zuckerberg-backed Learning Program Lies Offline

    Writer Tara Mathewson published this article covering examples, evidence, and statements about the Summit Learning program. She followed the program for nearly a year, attending Summer Training, visiting a school, and talking to more than a dozen sources. Several perspectives are shared from school leaders, teachers, and families on the program's efficacy pointing to why "now more than ever it's clear that Summit's greatest strengths lie offline."

  • A Principal’s View: My District Middle School Wasn’t Expecting a Pandemic, But We Were Prepared. How We’re Keeping Students Educated & Engaged

    Principal Kathryn Procope of Howard University Middle School in Washington D.C., speaks to their school’s robust strategies put in place amidst the coronavirus pandemic to ensure all students remain connected to their peers, teachers, and coursework.

  • Digital Learning Model Makes Transition to At-home Work Easy for Greeley Students

    Prairie Heights and Franklin middle schools in Colorado are featured for their easier transition to remote learning as a result of accessing curriculum on the Summit Learning platform and the Habits of Success that enhance students' self-directed learning skills. One Prairie Heights parent said, "She was able to have her mentor time and came up with her own schedule for the day."

  • Putting Our School Resources to the Test

    Westchester Torah Academy's school leaders Deganit Ronen and Nellie Harris discuss the tangible and intangible infrastructures in place that serve as the foundational bedrock to "maintaining a strong school community" in the face of unforeseeable challenges. "Besides ease and familiarity with navigating technology, other vital skills learned in Summit that are serving our students especially well are Summit's emphasis on self-directed learning, goal-setting and one-to-one mentoring."

  • 11 Ways Teachers Are Going Above and Beyond During Coronavirus

    Ryan Banks Academy is highlighted for the ways teachers are going above and beyond during coronavirus. School principal Audrey Bland Hampton delivered Chromebooks to students, ensuring that every family had a device to use. "I have made sure that our students still feel special by personally delivering a birthday cake to their homes."

  • Summit Helped One School Make a Smooth Transition to Remote Learning

    Reporter Tara Garcia for The Hechinger Report wrote a follow-up article to her recently published story on Summit Learning, spotlighting the Classical Academy High School in Escondido, California. "Summit's model and Classical's blended learning setup combined to make the high school one of the few nationwide that could make a fairly smooth transition to schooling under quarantine."

  • Educator Voices: What School Means to These Teachers and Parents During COVID

    PBS Newshour published this article with a segment from New Jersey's Snyder High School teacher Tynetta Harris. In it she discusses the transition to a quality remote education and the importance of learning "real-world skills to adapt to unexpected challenges" as well as habit building like curiosity and a sense of purpose to "help them thrive throughout their lives."

  • Going the Distance: What Great Teaching Looks Like During COVID-19

    CZI shines a light on Teacher Appreciation Week by spotlighting two educators and one CEO who are going above and beyond to close the "digital divide" and ensure students feel the care and attention they deserve. Summit Learning teacher Tynetta Harris from Henry Snyder High School says: "I try to send affirmations and words of encouragement: ‘How are you? I miss you. I'm so happy to see your faces.' Those little moments can make all the difference."

  • Distance Learning – More than Academics

    This article features IDEA Toros College Prep school in Edinburg, Texas, on how they're keeping up with mentoring, music, and making adjustments for meaningful learning. "Distance learning is about much more than virtual education. It is also about discovering how strong relationships are within the walls of our schools and exploring new ways to make them even stronger."

  • Remote Learning for Woodland Park Students K-12 'Going great,' Principals Say

    Woodland Park School District shares how they've remained agile and focused on re-prioritization to keep remote learning in session. Erin Street, assistant principal at Woodland Park Middle School, said "The transition to remote learning has been much easier for our students and teachers because we have been using Summit Learning's mentoring approach to foster strong relationships and personal connections."

  • Stuck at Home, Teens Now Have Better Attitude About School, Teacher Says

    This article features teacher Jill Lambert from Lomax Middle School out of the Pasadena Independent School District of Texas. Lambert touches on the "challenges and unexpected benefits of students learning from home" from students juggling home and school responsibilities to kids writing memoirs about their experiences.

  • Fairview Park City Schools Find Success with Home-based Teaching and Learning Model

    Superintendent Bill Wagner out of Fairview Park, Ohio, expresses the positive feedback from staff, students, and parents on the district's shift to remote learning. As to why their community has been "exceptionally well prepared," Wagner points to the Fairview Advantage model which includes 1:1 technology for each student and a learning model that's centered on "mastery learning, mastery grading and skill development focus in addition to content knowledge."

  • Technology, Once Considered a Wedge, is Now Keeping Students Connected

    T.L.P. Education's Executive Director Andrew Goldin discusses the critical role technology is playing in driving the human relationships between students, teachers, and families that are carrying education through this time. "When technology is used as a tool to enhance human connection, particularly during times of stress, fear, and uncertainty, students are better able to continue learning and exercising the skills they'll need in life after graduation."

  • Wahlert Catholic High School Has Easier Time Adjusting to Online Learning

    In this video, Iowa's Wahlert Catholic principal Ron Meyers shares why their students are having an easier time adjusting to learning from home. Having integrated the Summit Learning model into their curriculum, students have built up the right habits and skills like self-direction to continue their education from a distance.

  • Schools Like This One Might Have An Easier Time Going Virtual

    Mother and former school board president in New Jersey, Laura Waters shares why New Egypt High School's transition to a virtual learning environment will be "less formidable" amidst COVID-19 school closures. One student "opened up his laptop and showed me his platform, which had numerous tabs for short-term and long-term goals, homework assignments, test schedules, calendars."

  • Educator of the Week: Mr. Isaaks from Tioga Middle School

    Tioga Middle School 7th grade teacher Brandon Isaaks is highlighted as Fresno's Educator of the Week for taking "mentoring to a whole other level." Isaaks views mentoring as an opportunity to bridge the gap from what students are learning to what they may want to do in the future, equipping them with the problem solving skills necessary to achieve their goals.

  • BP Teachers of Excellence: Emily Forstner

    A recently retired and dedicated teacher since 1982, Emily Forstner discusses why she stepped into the role of mentor by coaching teachers at Burchell Alternative School in Alaska. "Maybe I can give back to this career that gave me so much by helping teachers be the best teachers they can be," Forstner said.

  • Where Lifelong Skills and Curriculum Meet

    Snyder High School English Language Arts teacher Tynetta Harris shares her experience teaching with Summit Learning. She explains how the curriculum is grounded in developing 36 cognitive skills including collaborating with a team, interpreting data, and presenting a persuasive argument. "I am preparing them for success in the workforce and in life. I do this by crafting learning experiences that allow students to practice useful skills while mastering curriculum."

  • Mentoring Makes a Difference

    Wahlert Catholic High School English teacher Heather Trees shares her heartfelt appreciation for the impact mentoring has had on her students. According to Trees, mentoring gives students one-on-one time with a teacher who holds them accountable, academically. Her mentoring group provides a safe space for students to share their whole selves and to "navigate school and life" together.

  • A Letter to Our Summit Learning Partners

    T.L.P. Education's Executive Director Andrew Goldin expresses gratitude for the dedication, teamwork, and commitment of our partner schools across the country. "We are thrilled to celebrate the successes of our diverse partner schools, especially those who are beginning to see the impact of the program over time."

  • Mentor Programs Build Community Between Students

    Bear Lake High School teacher Tarl Vickers expresses why mentoring is "bigger than just one teacher and one student. Having the opportunity to help students connect the skills they are learning in class with what they want to achieve after graduation is my favorite part of being an educator. To truly connect with students, a teacher must put in the time to get to know them."

  • Mentoring Drives Meaningful Learning for Tacoma Students

    Principal Sherrie Gibelyou of Concordia Christian Academy speaks to the enriched student-teacher relationships that have developed since establishing school-wide mentoring with the support of Summit Learning. "With this coaching, students learn to take ownership of their progress, be aware of their strengths and areas for improvement, and develop independence and persistence. These are skills and habits they'll use throughout their lives."

  • Radical Hospitality in the Classroom

    Wahlert Catholic High School English teacher Barb Ressler felt the need for education to evolve since 1998. That need has been answered since Wahlert HS shifted to a person-centered, project-based approach, emphasizing mentoring, leaving Barb and other teachers able to model "radical hospitality...through personalized learning!"

  • Interview with Lauren Partma of Pasadena Schools About Mentoring

    Lauren Partma, a middle school teacher in Pasadena, CA, talks about the importance of mentoring, why she views education through the lens of relationships, and how she makes her classroom a calm environment for her students. Since partnering with the Summit Learning program, Lauren has determined that "teaching has to do with the relationships we develop, and never forgetting...that our students are human beings, and they deserve to be treated as the whole child versus just strictly what they can do on tests."

  • The Impact of Mentoring in the Classroom

    TLP's own Jared Chandler shares his personal experience with mentoring, and how his high school mentor led him to his calling to become an educator. "As stewards of our students' futures, we must not leave mentorship to chance" writes Chandler. "All students deserve the opportunity to be fully seen and heard by caring educators and people who can advocate for them, challenge them, and help launch them onto the path of their dreams."

  • Mentoring Breeds Academic Success at Siloam Springs High School

    English teacher Emily Hackett writes about how her fellow colleagues from Siloam Springs High School (SSHS) have embraced one-on-one mentoring sessions to further strengthen student-teacher relationships and intentionally live out their school's mantra: "consistent work ethic produces success."

  • Mentoring Gives Students the Tools They Need to Succeed in Life

    Teachers Kari Mortensen and Adam Lytle of Pahranagat Valley Elementary in Alamo, Nevada, discuss the successes they've seen since bringing mentoring to their school through Summit Learning. "The power of mentoring cannot be overstated...reaching students is bigger than just one teacher and one student; it builds a culture of learning with students at the wheel."

  • Pro-21st Century Learning Parent Group at Fairview Park High School

    A group of parents out of Fairview Park, Ohio, has formed the group ‘Advocates for Preparedness and Progress,' which is advocating in support of the 21st century education curriculum as a result of an "exponentially changing world." Co-founder Jill Archambeau says, "It's not about memorizing and filling in a bubble on a test to get a grade. Kids need to learn to have deep knowledge so they can apply concepts."

  • I Will Never Again Teach at a School Without Dedicated Mentoring Time for Students

    To kick-off January's National Mentoring Month, Arizona English teacher Elizabeth Kittredge asserts that "mentoring has helped transform Rhodes Junior High from a community to a family."

  • Tulsa Public Schools Finds Success in Reinventing High School Experience

    Webster High School is focusing on relationship-building and meaningful learning to prepare students for "a radically different and rapidly changing future." One student recalled how past teachers would move on before she fully understood the lesson. Now, she mentors her peers and learns in small groups, sharing that Summit "allows her to stick with a particularly troublesome subject for as long as she needs."

  • Point of View: Why Mentoring Should Be Part of Every School

    Heather Zacarias, director of education at John Rex Elementary, discusses in this op-ed the positive developmental impacts of mentoring for a young person. "The shame and alienation inherent to school discipline often crush a student's sense of agency. Mentoring fosters transformation and shows students a path toward self-betterment," said Zacarias.

  • How Technology Can Amplify Great Teaching

    The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative's Head of Education Sandra Huang shares powerful research on how technology enhances the teacher-student relationship by providing a more effective opportunity for teachers to differentiate among their students and bridge the gap between who they are and "why learning matters to them."

  • Dr. Belinda Anderson: Letter to the Editor

    Dr. Belinda Anderson was selected as Chester County, Tennessee's 2019 Educator of the Year. This Letter to the Editor highlights how she turned her vision of "a school where every student felt loved and accepted, and where every teacher felt valued and supported" into a reality by partnering with Summit Learning.

  • Priscilla Chan: Set Audacious Goals And 'Think About Beyond What's Possible'

    Launched four years ago, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative works to eliminate diseases, drive education, and improve criminal justice. This article mentions how T.L.P. Education Executive Director, Andrew Goldin, partners with CZI Data Scientist, Thomas Curran, to tailor education curriculums to meet the needs of children.

  • Parents can Support Their Children in the Classroom

    Justine Ingram, a mother and educator at RISE Junior High in Arizona, writes about the influential role parents play in helping their children become "receptive to receiving support" from their teachers, who serve as trusted adults and mentors. Ingram points out that "various studies have shown students are more successful in school if they have a connection with at least one adult on their school campus." By developing strong student-teacher relationships, students are better setup for personal growth and academic success.

  • Prairie Heights Middle School Reaches New Heights

    In a Colorado story that focuses on the impacts of Colorado's 2008 Innovation Schools Act, Prairie Heights Middle School is featured as an anomaly amongst its peers for strong academic growth. Principal Stephanie Knox observed seeing a positive shift in student mindsets after adopting Summit Learning, stating that students are "more excited to learn and increasingly open to talking with their teachers."

  • Don't Leave the High-Achievers Behind

    Principal Swanson and Merci Rossmango of Utah's Farmington High School advocate for improving public education by "breaking away from the idea that a one-size-fits-all teaching style will help all students." This concept applies to not only the students struggling to meet grade-level standards, but also to advanced students who may be at risk of disengaging if they are not academically challenged.

  • Ms. Tammy Stephens: Letter to the Editor

    In her 37th year of teaching, Tammy Stephens of Bear Lake High School shares how Summit Learning has positively impacted her and her students in this letter to the editor, a follow-up to her recent radio interview. "Summit Learning has changed me as a teacher and my students as learners, and it's given us a new way to work together and improve," shared Stephens.

  • The Power of One-on-One

    As a former chiropractor and current teacher at Santa Barbara's La Cuesta High School, Dr. Paul Cronshaw explains how he applies the same one-on-one support to each of his students as he did with his patients. Complementing Summit Learning's focus on cultivating strong student-teacher relationships, Dr. Cronshaw acts a "trusted advisor to help them on their path" by offering targeted guidance to enhance engagement, growth, and success. Photo credit: Lara May

  • Educator of the Week: Ms. Rivera from Aspen Valley Prep

    Earlier this month, Principal Nicole Rivera of Aspen Valley Prep was honored as the Educator of the Week by the Fresno County Office of Education. Her connection to the school extends back to when she was a student there, and then a teacher before becoming a school leader. Her powerful impact on teachers and students is chronicled in this video about a recent visit to the school.

  • 'School Within a School' Lets Kids Control Their Learning

    Reporter Devin Bodkin visits Rocky Mountain Middle School to see what self-direction, collaboration, and mentoring look like in action. The story describes improved student-teacher relationships and how students exhibit college-level readiness such as self direction and responsibility. Teacher and advocate Jami Mcling shares: "I know these students much better than I knew my students in a traditional setting, and I always felt I knew those students very well."

  • An Interview with Ms. Tammy Stephens of Bear Lake High School

    Tammy Stephens, teacher at Bear Lake High School in Montpelier, Idaho, shares her experience with Summit Learning. Ms. Stephens answers questions from the community, provides insight into what goes on in the classroom on a daily basis, and discusses how her students are becoming prepared for life beyond high school. She dissects and clarifies the concept of real, meaningful learning, walks through the weekly mentoring component, and provides further insight into her journey as an educator.

  • A Teaching Style That's a Game-Changer in More Ways Than One

    Jami McLing, a teacher at Rocky Mountain Middle School and parent of two students, discusses how Summit Learning was first introduced to her as a way to better reach every student in her classroom. Her school adopted the program in August 2016 and, according to Jami, they "haven't looked back." From both a parent and teacher perspective, McLing expresses the deep impact this rigorous and confidence-boosting approach to learning has had on both her daughters' and her students' personal growth and empowerment.

  • Pasadena ISD's Connect Program Gets Spotlight

    As part of the NBC News Learn special broadcast from Houston, Bondy Intermediate School Principal Roneka Lee was recognized as one of the panelists for "The 21st Century Classroom" discussion. According to Lee, one of the keys to education is intentional student-teacher relationships, which lay the foundation for the Connect Personalized Learning approach (powered by Summit Learning) at Lee's campus and 41 others in the Pasadena school district in Texas.

  • I'm Latina, and that Matters for my Students

    In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Education Post featured the story of former educator and current Summit Learning Success Manager, Arelys Alcozer. Before joining the organization, Arelys taught third to sixth grade students in her hometown of Chicago, the same school she attended as a child. In this story, she shares the childhood challenges she faced as an English-Language Learner and how those impressionable experiences led her to a teaching career with an emphasis on bilingual education.

  • Gilbert School Revolutionizes the Classroom

    Maria Williams, a veteran teacher at The Performance Academy in Gilbert, Ariz., discusses the shift in mindset and practice for both herself and her students once she began teaching with Summit Learning. This method came naturally to her as she always longed for a more robust, practical way to reach each child and meet their unique needs.

  • Why I was Excited for School to Start

    Brennan Morris, a 7th grader at Chester County Junior High School in Tennessee, enthusiastically shares why she was thrilled to kick off the new school year in this op-ed. A member of her school's media team, she attributes her ability to juggle several year-long commitments to the Summit Learning approach.

  • Woodland Park School District's five principals share what's new for 2019-2020

    Featuring Principal Yvonne Goings of Woodland Park Middle School in Colorado, she highlights the past four years since implementing the Summit Learning program and the impact mentoring has on the school culture stating, "it's what our students and staff needed."

  • Lewisburg Continues to Increase Opportunities for Students

    "Our success will be defined by the opportunities and learning experiences we offer our students. We understand teaching the curriculum is our job, and we do it very well, but what good is knowing the curriculum if you can't apply it in a real-world situation?" That's the passionate voice of Lewisburg Middle School Principal Dr. Josh Matthews in Logan County, Kentucky. The piece calls mentoring "the most beneficial part of Summit" and showcases additional efforts by the school to remain teacher-led and student-centered.

  • Children Master Their Lessons In a Hands-On, Project-Based Curriculum Focused on Skills and Critical Thinking

    Lauren Partma, a teacher at McKinley School of the Arts in California, shares her passion for teaching in a collaborative, project-based classroom. As the school year begins, she reminds her students that this is their year, and that they are in the "driver's seat of their own education." This piece shines a light on strong relationships, self-aware engagement, and a sense of purpose for middle school students.

  • CCJHS Students Help FHU Students Learn Summit Program

    High school students teaching college students? Learn about this innovative approach in which Chester County Junior High students in Tennessee are teaching college students studying education on how their Summit Learning Program works and how it benefits their learning.

  • Fairview Park City Schools Renews 21st Century Education-Based Personalized Learning Platform

    Read about an Ohio school district's decision earlier this summer to continue using Summit Learning. It showcases strong leadership at the district level, emphasizes the value of the program, and calls out improvements in academic success and state test scores. Superintendent Bill Wagner said, "All of the things that have always been good about public education still exist in our classrooms."

  • So Long Summer: Students and Teachers Head Back to School

    This announcement about Alamo High School in Nevada describes how it will be implementing the Summit Learning Program, adding that they look forward "to build on the success the program has had in other schools."

  • New Schools, Upgrades will Greet Students in North Providence

    The North Providence school district in Rhode Island refreshed their learning environments in several ways, including adding Summit Learning to the 6th grade at Birchwood Middle School. According to Superintendent Joseph Goho, several schools in the district -- Stephen Olney Elementary School, Whelan Elementary School, and North Providence High School -- are all using the program with great success.

  • Summit Learning Shares Lessons Learned: An Interview with Andrew Goldin

    For the four year anniversary celebration of Summit Learning, Chief Executive Andrew Goldin shares with us lessons learned from growing based entirely on "educator demand" and where TLP Education is headed as a new organization overseeing Summit Learning Program. Additionally, Stanford Professor Larry Cuban shares his thoughts after several visits inside Summit schools, sharing that "the Summit experience is far greater than the platform itself."

  • A Teacher Incorporates Summit Learning's Cognitive Skills Rubric

    Learn how Idaho History teacher, Charles Horikami, built his own website to be "a community resource for people who just want to learn more about the history of the United States than just a class website." He highlights incorporating Summit Learning's Cognitive Skills rubric into his assignments and finds them to be "of immense value" for evaluating the soft skills that can help lead to a successful life.

  • Irving to Empower Students to be Lifelong Learners

    Principal Jeff Everett of Irving Elementary in Kansas shares his enthusiasm for starting a partnership with Summit Learning this school year. "We are really excited about the personalized learning approach and the support students will receive during the Summit Mentoring Program," said Everett.

  • Opinion: Tansey Elementary at Forefront of Integrating Technology in the Classroom

    Read the passion Principal Christopher Audette has for "preparing kids for a lifetime of learning as 21st century citizens" at his Massachusetts school. By "building a culture in which all staff are teachers of technology all the time." The effort has been led by Technology Instructional Coach Lisa Furtado and Superintendent Matt Malone, who both helped push the vision for responsible and thoughtful technology integration.

  • Making Science Class the Happiest Place on Earth With Projects

    Zach Jernigan, a sixth-grade science teacher in Virginia, shares his thrill for the Forces at Work-Rollercoaster Design project his students engaged with during a long-term project. He believes project-based learning is an impactful way to engage student imagination and apply new content to real-life scenarios.

  • How My Middle School Son Learned to Not Give Up

    Read about a mother's heartfelt reflections on her son's academic transformation from a passive to active learner. Her son grew empowered to take more ownership over his education and build lifelong skills, such as time management, after realizing the Summit Learning environment values mastery over material before moving onto the next lesson.

  • Chester County Junior High Adopts Innovative Platform That's Been Key to Improvement

    This article shares an inspiring story from a Tennessee Principal Belinda Anderson about her school's impressive academic performance turnaround and why she credits Summit Learning for facilitating "good teaching, period."

  • Farmington High's First Junior Class Earns Highest Average ACT Score in Davis School District

    Hear how a junior class, impressively, improved its average composite ACT score by 1.2 points within the same school year and why the principal attributes their growth in part to Summit Learning.

  • My Turn: Jessica Waters: One-on-One Focus Boosts Students

    Read how the Class of 2019 at Nowell Leadership Academy was their most prepared class since introducing more rigorous graduation requirements. A supportive teacher discusses why Summit Learning's flexibility is a perfect fit for their students who are juggling several responsibilities like supporting their families and becoming a parent.

  • Middle School's New Model Designed to Help Teachers Teach

    Billy Harris, principal of Lincoln County Middle School, succinctly illustrates the Summit Learning instructional model the school undertook this year and clears up any misconceptions about the program.

  • My View: How Personalized Learning Transformed My Classroom

    This article shares how teacher Rachel Hockemeyer's transformative shift to a personalized, student-centered approach cultivated greater community among her classroom by empowering each student to direct and advocate for themselves.

  • Progress with Summit Learning

    Hear how Snow Hill Middle School in Maryland has used Summit Learning over the past three years and how its educators are not only teaching students content, but also "teaching them how to be thinkers."

  • A Principal's End of Year Reflections

    The principal of Bear Lake High School in Idaho looks back at the past school year and how Summer Learning has helped make shifts within the school to better serve its students and prepare them for the future.

  • How Mentoring Helped Me Help My Students

    Learn how a Colorado teacher had one of the best school years in her 22-year career by focusing on mentoring, which allowed her "to connect with and support [her] students like never before."

  • Layman Enjoys Making Math Fun at Carver Middle

    Read how a Teacher of the Year at a Virginia middle school fell in love with Summit Learning due to the authentic relationships she was able to cultivate through mentoring.

  • Innovative Learning Style at an Alaskan High School Brings Positive Change

    Read about Alaska's first school to adopt Summit Learning and the positive effects from cultivating a safe, dynamic learning environment for each student by supporting their individual needs and instilling curiosity and agency they'll need for an ever-changing future.

  • A Year In, Teachers Praise Learning Platform

    Learn how Cedar Crest Intermediate School in Indiana overcame the challenges of adopting a new curriculum and how their persistent implementation led to fulfilled, empowered teachers and students.

  • What the New York Times got Wrong about Education Technology

    This article addresses how teachers and technology can synchronize in public education so teachers can have "ready access to information that enables them to create better and more interactive learning experiences for student."

  • New York Times Student Responses

    Scroll to read direct quotes from current Summit Learning students and why this personalized teaching and learning model is working for them.

  • Summit Learning Statement on New York Times Article

    Recently, The New York Times published a story about the Summit Learning Program. The article was misleading and in several places, factually inaccurate. Overall, we were disheartened to see that the incredible hard work and dedication of our educators was overshadowed by criticisms that don't reflect the experience in the vast majority of Summit classrooms. In our blog, we directly address the key inaccuracies and misconceptions in the article.

  • How a Texas School District Took Personalized Learning From Vision to Reality

    This article shares how Pasadena Independent School District outside of Houston succeeded with personalized learning by communicating often, showing progress, and listening to their community.

  • Santa Fe Pioneers Of Redesign In USD 373

    Read how Summit Learning has been implemented in a Kansas school's redesign and helped shift to a focus on personalized learning.

  • Summit Learning Program Gives Seventh Grade Students More Say in Direction of Education

    Learn how "the numbers are telling a positive story for Saline Area Schools seventh grade" in Michigan and how freedom of choice is pivotal for student engagement.

  • Learning Curve: Holy Family Schools Using Personalized Education Models

    Find out how Holy Family Catholic Schools in Dubuque, Iowa started out with a group of 6th graders using Summit Learning last year, expanded this year to around 340 students, and are meeting goals for academic growth.

  • Andrew Goldin Named New Director of Summit Learning Spin-Off T.L.P. Education

    Former chief of schools and chief program officer at Summit Public Schools, Andrew Goldin, was announced as the executive director of the new nonprofit education organization T.L.P. Education, which will oversee the Summit Learning Program in the new school year.

  • Opinion: Education Isn't Just Teaching—-It's About Being a Mentor

    Hear from Samantha Bartrom, the Principal of Coastal Academy High School in San Diego County, on the importance of creating a school culture focused on mentoring.

  • Focus on students

    A teacher's story of how Summit Learning is helping her challenge her students with an essay project--and how they're rising to the challenge.

  • Letters: Other views on school culture, Enbridge

    Check out this letter to the editor from an 8th grade Summit Learning student about how having a mentor has helped him improve his habits - and his grades.

  • As a mentor and teacher, I make the middle school transition easier for my students

    During National Mentoring Month, this op-ed by a Summit Learning teacher in Pennsylvania focuses on how mentoring has had a positive impact on her students.

  • Study: Culture, relationships key to stopping school shootings

    This article from a Summit Learning school in Colorado shows how building relationships--including through mentoring--can make schools safer.

  • Commentary: Mentoring Can Be a Powerful Force in Kids' Lives. Here Are 3 Ways Mentorships Benefit Students — and 3 Benefits for Teachers

    Summit Learning shares our own perspective on mentoring and its importance in helping both teachers and students.

  • Letter: How We Achieve Student Success

    Summit Learning Chief Program Officer Andrew Goldin shares his vision for student success in personalized learning in this EdWeek Letter to the Editor.

  • Woodland Park Middle School inspires learning, growth via integrated, goal-setting platform

    Reports on the impact of Summit Learning at WPMS, including that Summit students' "achievement [is] higher, their growth is higher, and their discipline is (better)."

  • Op-ed: Her teenage daughter found success with new learning system at FHS

    This parent perspective highlights how her daughter has "become more independent, able to prioritize between school work and other activities and manage her time" with Summit Learning.

  • Op-ed: School doing something new, and it's working

    This is another parent's take on the high-quality rollout of Summit Learning at her son's school and the positive impact she has seen as her son is becoming "a confident, self-motivated student who's excited to reach his academic goals" and "learning skills that will carry with him well beyond high school."

  • Seventh-graders use new learning platform

    Read on to hear more about the introduction of Summit Learning and how teachers are seeing their students gain valuable skills such as goal setting, time management and prioritizing tasks.

  • Access granted

    This article is a spotlight on Summit Learning in Oklahoma City Public Schools, including a quote from a teacher: "I can't believe the growth I have seen through this program. I think students enjoy learning more with this program."

  • Schools don't have to reinvent the wheel

    This article highlights several new models for learning that teachers can use in their own schools.

  • Teachers Praise Summit Learning

    This collection of teacher perspectives highlight quantitative and qualitative successes that educators across the country have seen since introducing Summit Learning in their classrooms.

  • Launching the Kansas Moonshot: How Kansas schools are redesigning K-12 education: Part 2, The Wellington school district

    Learn more about the redesign initiative in Kansas and how schools are changing based on the needs of their specific students and families, instead of the agrarian calendar that has determined school schedules in the past.

  • What inspired me to return to teaching after almost 20 years

    Hear from a veteran teacher about what changed her outlook on education - and inspired her to return to the classroom.

  • I am a teacher and I believe we need to tailor learning to each student

    A Summit Learning teacher in Tennessee shares how education is not one-size-fits-all, and now she is finally able to reach all of her students with the personalized instruction they need.

  • My turn: Personalized learning reaches students

    In this teacher op-ed, middle school teacher Michael Delsesto shares his classroom experience and the deep relationships he's been able to build with his students.

  • Kettle Moraine Middle School offers a 'customizable' learning experience, because not all kids learn the same

    This in-depth article profiles a local school in Wisconsin and follows teachers and students throughout a typical day in a personalized learning classroom.

  • Case study: Giving students more personalized choices takes 'great teaching'

    This EducationWeek case study looks at a school in Providence, Rhode Island and why educators believe it is so important to give students choice and ownership over their own learning.

  • Summit Public Schools Year-End Summary 2017-18

    Learn more about the work of Summit Public Schools and its impact on public education in the annual year-end summary.

  • Preparing teachers for personalized learning

    This piece explains how the new Summit Teacher Residency Program works and gives a glimpse into what teachers do in a Summit Learning classroom.

  • How personalized learning fosters trial, error and a healthy dose of risk,

    In this op-ed, Summit Learning teacher Brandy Holton describes a science experiment in her 6th grade classroom, shares how experiments are different with personalized learning and shares tips for other teachers.

  • I'm a principal who thinks personalized learning shouldn't be a debate

    This excellent op-ed from Summit Learning principal Lisa Epstein describes her school's powerful experience with personalized learning and how it's driven a more student-centric education experience and more growth and strong relationships in her students.

  • For educators and administrators, Summit Learning works

    This positive article shares enthusiastic anecdotes from Summit Learning teachers and school leaders about the experience they've had with Summit in their classrooms, and why it's changed the way they teach.

  • What I'm going to miss about Summit

    In this post from a Summit Learning school leader, she shares how she has found Summit to be transformative in driving growth, enrichment, and a connectivity to both her curriculum and her students she had never experienced before.

  • Teaching award well-deserved

    This Letter to the Editor, coordinated by the Summit Learning Communications team, celebrates a Summit Learning Spotlight teacher for her hard work with her students.

  • How do you fix JCPS's achievement gap? Experts weigh in

    Hear from the school leader at Lexington Traditional Magnet School about how mentoring has helped them to reach and impact their incredibly diverse student population.

  • Diverse charter schools: Blackstone Valley Prep, intentionally diverse network of strong college prep focus

    In this first-ever analysis about diversity in public charter schools by the Century Foundation, Summit Public Schools is recognized for our intentionally diverse approach to learning. Read more about the importance of pursuing diversity as a design principle for creating successful schools.

  • Tulsa school 1 of 16 in state using personalized learning method

    This broadcast clip highlights how Tulsa Memorial Junior High is using Summit Learning to bring personalized learning to its students.

  • In appreciation to teacher, mentor

    Read this great letter from a parent of a student at Royal Spring Middle School in honor of her student's teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week.

  • Summit panel tackles definition of personalized learning

    This article recaps a great session about personalized learning at The Atlantic Education Summit in Washington, with panelists including a Summit Learning teacher from Truesdell who spoke about how Summit benefits her students.

  • Parents gather to speak out on Summit Learning program at BOE

    In their second year with the program, Dexter school district saw a strong show of support for Summit Learning from parents, students and teachers at a recent Board meeting.

  • Choosing personalized learning as a strategy for educational equity

    Learn about several examples of personalized learning, including Summit Learning at a school in DC, and how this approach helps teachers reach every student in their classroom.

  • Expanding access to powerful learning in Tulsa

    Hear about how schools in Tulsa have adopted Summit Learning to dramatically improve student success in their education system.

  • In annual parent letter, Summit Public Schools announces renewed focus on the other school safety issue—data privacy

    Read more about a letter from our CEO Diane Tavenner about the importance of student data privacy, and Summit's commitment to the schools we serve.

  • A Year At DelSesto: Will A Bet On Computerized Learning Pay Off?

    This 5-minute radio piece talks about the effectiveness of personalized learning. While it does mischaracterize the role of technology in the classroom, it includes positive voices from students and teachers at Delsesto Middle School in Rhode Island.

  • Embraced by low-tuition Jewish schools, 'blended learning' now catching on more widely

    This article profiles several Jewish schools that are using Summit Learning to introduce personalized learning into their classroom.

  • EES redesign: Perspective of a teacher and parent

    This op-ed in a local paper from a teacher and parent shares a day in the life of a student and rationale for their recent school redesign.

  • How my students learned to reach their goals

    Read this compelling op-ed from a Summit Learning teacher at Highland Middle School about the impact of goal-setting in her classroom.

  • Rethinking grade levels and school design for personalized learning

    CICS West Belden in Chicago is tackling personalized learning in many ways. This article describes why they offer multi-age classrooms in their elementary school and the success they've seen.

  • Gateway students tackle math

    This short article highlights one middle school math teacher's take on why Summit Learning works for math students.

  • School board approves new contract for superintendent

    This Alaska high school has seen incredible impact with Summit Learning, which has helped to double the graduation rate.

  • Personalized learning gives students a sense of control over chaotic lives

    This story highlights how one middle school in Colorado reorganized itself into a school of innovation through Summit Learning.

  • How do you introduce parents to your learning model? Send them to Bootcamp

    This article contains great tips on how to improve parent engagement and communication.

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