The Summit Learning Platform

Free for teachers and schools. An online tool that helps students set and track goals, learn content at their own pace and complete deeper learning projects.


The platform comes with a comprehensive curriculum developed by teachers in classrooms. The base curriculum is aligned with the Common Core, and each course includes meaningful projects, playlists of content and assessments, all of which can be customized. Teachers can adapt or create new playlists and projects to meet their students' needs.

Empowering Students To Be Self-Directed Learners

Students build content knowledge by working at their own pace and take assessments on demand. Teachers help students set short-term and long-term goals and connect these back to their daily actions.

Engaging Students In Deeper Learning Projects

Students build and demonstrate cognitive skills and apply what they're learning by working through authentic, meaningful projects. Teachers facilitate these hands-on projects, and the platform provides tools to customize projects or create new ones.

Using Data To Personalize Instruction

Teachers can understand how their students are performing on a daily basis and use that data to personalize instruction and provide additional support through mentoring and coaching.

Supporting Teachers In The Classroom

Teachers have access to a robust teacher guide with resources and trainings about how to implement personalized learning in the classroom. In addition, teachers join a national community of practice around personalized learning.

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